The simplest thermostat, always at your fingertips.

What can I do with Rialto?

• Control heating and electrical appliances from an App, improving comfort of use
• Save money, avoiding waste thanks to the convenience of remote control
• Save energy, viewing how you use it, and how much
• Program heating and electrical loads using App functions
• Switch devices on and off according to your position, using the geolocation function
• Check and measure electrical power consumption with estimation of costs

How is the system made up?

Rialto Comfort App

The Rialto App is availavle for free download on smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS.

Rialto White Box

The Rialto White Box is connected to the home's router for wireless monitoring and control.

Up to 32 devices

Connect Rialto Smart Plugs to control the homes electrical appliances.

Why choose Rialto?

• EXPANDABLE: in total, you can manage up to 32 wireless devices (smart plugs)
• REMOTELY: monitor and control your homes temparture via the App
• EASY: to install, configure and use

• MANUALLY: control your heating system or set daily/weekly time schedules
• MINIMIZE: energy consumption, switch on the heating system only when needed
• ANALYSE: and understand your habits to improve planning and save on your energy bill

For more information and to make your home smart, contact a member of the team today!