Amina Invisible Loudspeakers

Amina Technologies

We are a UK Distributor and Installer for Amina Invisible Loudspeakers that fit directly into your wall or ceiling.
With vibrational technology, based on the soundboards of musical instruments such as the acoustic guitar and violin, Amina speakers are breathtakingly light.
With no visual compromise and no sonic compromise, let these beautifully designed speakers fill your space with brilliant sound.

In 3 easy steps...

amina invisible loudspeakers installation process
The invisible speakers fit directly into your wall or ceiling. Simply add a thin layer of plaster over the top and finish with a design of your choice.

Sound can have any look...

Designed to be installed under plaster, wood, leather or almost anything you can imagine, the invisible speakers allow you to get creative. It’s your sound, your way.


Creating the right ambience is paramount to any hotel design. Vibration Panel Technology (VPT) allows sound to disperse evenly throughout any space, so guests can all enjoy the atmosphere wherever they are.

With domestic media systems becoming an essential part of any contemporary household, top-quality audio is a must. Create a home that not only speaks volumes, but does it in a way that will amaze your guests.

When it comes to nautical design, saving space is of the utmost importance. Invisible speakers can work behind a number of different finishes, so there is always a creative solution at hand when it comes to concealing your audio.

That first step into a shop is the moment you are absorbed by the retail atmosphere. Let the ambience created by invisible audio technology compliment your products.