eBMS/Mobile for Home Automation

eBMS/Mobile ™ is a beautifully designed and developed app for the control and monitoring of heating, lighting, air conditioning and other systems installed in commercial properties. Thanks to the latest home automation extensions, eBMS/Mobile is equally capable in apartments, homes, penthouses and hotels, where audio, video and mood lighting widgets and controls make it a pleasure to manage and interact with all the systems in the modern home. Take control, change temperature setpoints, configure holidays and manage your energy, whether at home or on the move with eBMS/Mobile™. eBMS/Mobile™ is available as a dedicated App for iPad, iPhone and Android, as well as a html5 web application for OSX, Windows and Linux. With small starter license packs, eBMS/Mobile™ is extremely cost effective and its ease of engineering through intuitive graphical configuration tools makes it fast to engineer and setup, reducing engineering time and associated labour costs.

With custom web services based on NiagaraAX®, eBMS/Mobile™ is powerful, comprehensive and capable. You can take complete control of any NiagaraAX® based system, or through NiagaraAX® to any connected third party integrated systems. With an explosion in mobile devices, we carefully designed our apps to deliver the right interface to the right audience, meeting the expectations of the modern user. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Our app runs on Apple and Android devices and scales to accommodate different screen sizes. Widgets are placed into groups according to your needs, typically by room name or sub-system, such as lounge, lighting, heating and more. A menu drawer offers access to your CCTV, door entry, graphs, alarms, time schedules and the built in music player.

Key Benefits:

  • Run as many copies of the app for free on any IOS, Android device and on OSX, Windows and Linux based systems.
  • Free on going updates
  • Free Support
  • Fastest installation and configuration for any Niagara based Mobile App
  • Low cost License for JACE or Web Supervisor
  • Connect to multiple hosts (customers) and multiple sites without leaving the app
  • Review temperatures, alarms and other elements of your building systems wherever you are
  • Make adjustments to set-points, time schedules and schedule exceptions
  • Investigate complaints using graphs and alarm lists without your laptop!