Introducing eBMS/HVAC™. The most comprehensive Integrated web-based HVAC control system with modular industry standard expandable and flexible I/O. Using our unique application control wizards, you can design, configure and deliver fully comprehensive control system solutions up to 4 x faster than conventional BMS control systems. Flexible licensing from 3 to 30 modules means you can start with a smaller cost effective system and expand at a later date, spreading the cost of the system as it grows. Engineer complete heating systems, VT circuits, AHU’s, Heat recovery systems and more in record time, with efficient control and effective management. Based on the NiagaraAX Framework® by Tridium, this ensures you have a robust and reliable product with over 320,000 installations worldwide as well as connectivity with numerous building systems of different disciplines.

eBMS/HVAC ™ delivers the following key benefits: