Periscope Active Logix

Tyrrell Products Ltd Announces Technology Solution and Distribution Agreement with ActiveLogix.


19th May 2017 – We’re proud to announce our partnership with ActiveLogix in provision, supply, training and support of this remarkable new version of Periscope Dashboard.

Bring tangible results quickly through intelligent analytics and visualisations, only available on Periscope N4 Dashboards, with the best possible pricing.

Periscope 4 Dashboards contains brand new viewlets, enabling quick discovery of inefficient or failing equipment and determine the reasons behind increased energy usage.

The viewlets within Periscope 4 are completely customisable, allowing each user to dynamically configure their dashboards they way they want to. Viewlets can be added, removed and deleted from the users display with ease.

Enjoy integrated analytical viewlets, BMS graphics from Niagara 4, global map views and alarm timelines within a single unified dashboard experience.

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