Hosting Services

This service covers all the requirements of linking remote sites into a centrally managed and hosted monitoring platform by the way of ADSL
or Mobile data connections. Once connected to the central servers, the historical data from remote sites will be collected on the central servers.
Alarms will be configured against certain data objects, with set criteria and the alarms can be sent by email and / or SMS text message to
destinations agreed with the customer.

Web pages may also be provided as part of the services, allowing the customer and their onward clients to view information, data and conditions
on the remote sites by way of regular web browsers, tablets or where includes eBMS Mobile.

The servers are backed up and are mirrored to ensure data integrity and security of data. Remote data connectivity can also be offered, allowing
third parties to collect data for the purpose of additional enterprise billing, monitoring and analysis, where required.

tridium niagara hosting service