Home Automation with eBMS/Mobile™

eBMS/Mobile™ includes switches, sliders, setpoints, time control, alarms, and histories in lines and bar charts and jaw-dropping sets of icons to
represent everything in every building. You can even choose your own theme or have us build a custom one, available only for you and your customers at a one-off low fixed fee.

Users can easily adjust setpoints, look at temperatures and conditions, switch things on and off with ease and simplicity through a range of stylish widgets fit for every occasion. A huge range of groups are available, with stunning icons, allowing widgets to be placed in groups that make sense such as Boardroom, Main Office, Lounge, Kitchen, Dining Room, Heating, Hot Water and more. Review schedules, change times, add holidays and extensions. Examine building performance by accessing histories in line or bar charts, meaning engineers can probe and delve into all the alarms, whilst end users can review meaningful self-clearing messages of real concern, as well as email those lists to an FM provider. Use video widgets to access CCTV feeds right within the app. Open up graphics too and access multiple remote sites from one freely available app. You can even expand widgets to full screen with one touch to take a closer look at a history, web page or video feed.




Amazon Echo

The latest addition to our solution is the Amazon Echo. With a new driver for Niagara4 and Niagara AX, you can extend any control point with a voice command, which links automatically to your amazon account via our Niagara cloud services. You only pay for connected points so you can install as many Echo devices as you like at no extra cost.


Any professional will tell you that if you don’t install the right wifi solution you will find the system won’t work as expected. Our range of ceiling mounted access points include multiple SSIDs, POE power, 2GHz and 5GHz with the latest wifi networking standards.

Launch Ports

Launch Ports have come the wireless charging standard for tablets in home automation. There are sleeve sizes for different devices, each with an inductive charging magnetic back that ‘locks’ onto the desk or wall m hunting charger base. Wall stations are powered by low voltage DC and can be wired using standard Ethernet cable or, as we prefer, a good quality Belden 8760! As with the sleeves, the wall stations are available in gloss white or black.

Lighting Control

This fully programmable touch screen offers complete control of your lighting systems for up to 64 DALI lights or 512 DMX devices. The screen has a configurable user interface and ports for Modbus RTU, BACnet over wifi. It also has a built in temperature sensor.

Android Tablets

There are so many Android tablets available on the market and we’ve tested most of them, with nearly all of the cheap one failing to perform. The tablets we sell have been tested and perform as well as an iPad but without the price tag, with Intel processors and retina displays.

Infra Red

We’ve built in thousands of IR code sets into your eBMS/Mobile application, routing those commands through the IR interface to your multi-media equipment. Our Global Cache partnership gives you the best prices and support possible.


Controllers are the key to connectivity. eBMS/Mobile is hosted on Tridium Niagara for the best possible control and integration using different JACE platforms. We also have a complete range of I/O modules for control and monitoring.